Please enter the category that best describes your product – All entries are NOT judged in the limits of the category. Products are not compared to other entries within the same category, they will be scored on their own merit. Please do NOT enter the same product under more than one category, the additional entries in this instance will NOT be counted and will be non-refundable.

If you have entered either of the following categories –

ALCOHOLIC SPIRITS / NON-ALCOHOLIC SPIRITS – please only provide TWO samples of your product.

All other categories will require THREE samples.

All samples are to be delivered within the delivery window stated below:

22nd – 25th January 2024

BY POST to the address:

Limpio Storage Solutions, Unit 2, Old Brighton Road (South), Pease Pottage, Crawley RH11 9NG

Yes! One entry must be completed per product. You cannot enter a “range” of products under one entry, all variations must be submitted individually. You will also be offered a discount for more than 4 products entered, please see below:

Products 1 – 3 = Standard Price

Products 4 + 5 = would get 10% off these two products

Products 6 onwards = 20% off product numbers 6 and above

The above discounts are applied automatically and do not require a discount code.

Yes! Exhibitors will be eligible for an exclusive 50% discount off the cost of entering the awards on top of the above discount if you choose to enter more than one item. To receive your exhibitor discount please email us here.

Each individual product costs £100 + VAT to enter before the above discounts.

Please enter the cost that, if you were to sell the item yourself, how much you would charge for it.

Due to the increase in product categories, judging will take place across a range of different dates and locations with all products having been judged prior to the Farm Shop & Deli Show in April 2024.

Winners will be announced in late February in the lead up to the Farm Shop & Deli Show, enabling us to give winners maximum opportunity to promote their achievements at the show. 

The judges’ comments will be emailed to all entrants in early March.